Winter Essential: Healthy Skin

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I’ve always said that clear skin is the best accessory. Clear skin starts with treating your skin well.

Vaseline prevents dry skin, irritation, redness, and breakouts – it’s my winter essential.

My skin is very oily in the summer time and I use protective measures (post will come later summer) but in the winter I notice it makes a drastic change. It’s usually very dry and often becomes flaky if I don’t moisturize every morning. I know most people know that oily skin causes breakouts on your face, but dry skin is also prone to breakouts and becomes more sensitive.

To keep my skin looking fresh and healthy, I use the unscented Vaseline Intense Care Advanced Repair Lotion  2-3 times a week, and twice a day if I know that I will be out in the snow or in cold temperatures. Vaseline is ideal for women with very dry skin, even if your skin is sensitive.

Trust me, I have the most sensitive skin and Vaseline is of the only lotions that doesn’t irritate my skin.


Why Use Vaseline Advanced Repair Lotion?

  • Deeply moisturizes

  • Clinically proven to heal very dry skin in 5 days

  • Relieves very dry skin from the first application

  • Contains specially designed blend of glycerin (to pull moisture into all layer of surface skin – the stratum corneum)

  • Micro­droplets of Vaseline Jelly, plus dimethicone (to lock moisture in)

It’s important to remember that hydrating your skin is like drinking water! It’s crucial for healthy, clear skin.

Learn more about how to take preventative measures and keep your skin glowing with Vaseline on


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Photos by Dmitry Shpak @IamShpak