What’s next?

Saturday, August 1, 2015

I’m not going to lie, I was a little burnt out from blogging. It’s like constant creativity on social media 24/7. It’s a full time job that people think can get done in like 20 minutes. In actuality, everything is carefully planned. Whatever. I was over it, but thankfully I found my inspiration again.

I’m really enthusiastic to steer this website in the direction that I lost for a little while. I started comparing myself to others and subconsciously copying what others were doing. Sure, copying is a form of flattery, but I was losing what made me, well, ME.

I’m not a fashion blogger. I’m a person who does things while being dressed well. I hate calling myself a “blogger”. I’m just a girl who gets to talk about her life and shopping addiction to thousands of people (still a strange concept I must admit).

My first BIG project on this blog will be my trip to Miami. Wilhelmina Modeling Agency is flying me out to South Beach to attend a private party. Yeah. I know, right? Is this a dream? They have already booked a 5 day stay at the Mondrian. I’M SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. I haven’t been back since I’ve turned 21, so it’s going to be a blast.

Now, I need to find the perfect outfits and shoes!! Any suggestions on what I should wear in Miami? What’s the weather going to be like? What are the trends? Do I have to be half naked?

Comment below 🙂


2 Responses to “What’s next?”

  1. Brit says:

    I live in West Palm Beach, and it has been rainy rainy rainy here!! Of course we get few bouts of sunshine, but rainy season came late this year and has been sticking around. Bring an umbrella! Live in your swimsuit is all I can say, and try to visit the Wynwood Walls art district! [A]mazing!

  2. Lexy B says:

    COLOR!!! Miami is a place with tons of people who all want to express themselves, and trust me they do. Everyone wears whatever they want and most of the time that includes tons of color. Even though most people don’t wear a lot of clothes when they go out, it doesn’t mean you have to too. I would suggest a lot of two piece dresses and sandal heels. That’s a look that you can’t lose with. P.s. If you have the time make sure to go to Sugar Factory, the drinks are amazing there and so much fun!