Hi! Welcome to the New Blog!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Society grl has always been a reflection of myself, and I felt that it was time to transition into a new site. As we all evolve and change, I wanted the site to match the transitions that are happening in my life on a much prettier and modern layout.

I created this blog mainly for you, the reader, and for my loyal followers that have stuck with me! I love you guys more than you know! I wanted your experience to be better than the last, and I’ve spent months perfecting the site with my web design team to the way I exactly envisioned it. I honestly love it, and I hope you do, too.

You can now have an easier way to navigate the site on your phone, have better quality photos and text, share my posts or photos on your favorite sites, browse categories, add comments, read about my team, and have some fun with the hovering effects!

This new site is going to serve as a photo album of my life and my experiences. I want to share the types of food that I love, my favorite travels spots, workout tips, new shoes and shopping addictions, and of course, my random ramblings. It’s not just an unplanned place anymore, but a custom curation of my work and a timestamp of my life.

However, I won’t lie that I needed this new website more than you probably did. I need some change. I’m at the point in my life where I do everything and nothing. I’m currently at a fork in the road of where my life is heading. My life will completely change in the next few months and I have no idea what I’m even doing. It’s kind of scary!

I always hear that I look like I have my life together, but honestly I have no clue. So, come along for the ride as I try to figure myself out (as always). There are a lot of new and exciting things coming.

Out with the old and in with the new! Take a moment and check out the new layout or subscribe to my newsletter below!

Come back tomorrow to see my BIG REVEAL after my surgery! You won’t want to miss it;)

P.S. Wearing Free People dress!



2 Responses to “Hi! Welcome to the New Blog!”

  1. Alexandra Donlin says:

    I LOVE the new blog and am excited for everything in the future! This has been probably my favorite blog to read (along with your Twitter) and you even inspired me to make my own blog a year ago. Keep being amazing xo

  2. Anushey says:

    I love your website! You inspire me so, so much! I’m also creating a site just like yours. (Well, not exactly, I just mean that your purpose of blogging is same as mine). Lots of love from Anushey! ❤️