Vanity Fair Social House with Coach

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Vanity Fair Social House was 5 day event leading up to the Oscars in Hollywood! The Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood Week celebrates the Oscars, Vanity Fair, and the industry – the social lounge was full of social influencers tweeting, snapping, and posting all things Oscars and Vanity Fair.

The Vanity Fair Social House was located at The Platform in Culver City and was basically like a little sanctuary for all things social. From the L’oreal and YSL beauty room to the Viktor and Rolf flower room to personal rides from Chrysler, there was never a dull moment. Besides the fact that it was the perfect place to take photos, blog, and re-energize, the lounge held daily panels and discussions about the Oscars.

On this particular day, I attended the event wearing the new Coach Stanton “carryall” bag in stamped snakeskin leather. It’s literally a CARRY ALL because I usually opt for the smallest clutches and can never fit anything in them. This bag gave me room to fit my keys, my wallet, my journal, charger, and anything else I wanted! It was refreshing 🙂

The Coach Stanton in all black stamped snakeskin elevates this all black bag to a “quiet luxury” look. It’s all about not trying too hard, you know?

This “Daily Chatter” included panel guests such as the screen writers of Straight Outta Compton, Sir John, Beyonces go-to makeup artist, Sandy Powell, the costume designer for Cinderella and Carol. Some of my new bloggers friends were also on the panel one day, talking about the way the media influences fashion and beauty today.

It was a cute, chic place to lounge, but most importantly, the Vanity Fair Social House offered insight and behind-the-scene conversations about the entertainment, fashion, beauty, and media industry that I’ve never heard before.

So, I guess you can say that it was both business and pleasure last week 🙂

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