Tommy Hilfiger SS18

Monday, October 23, 2017

The Tommy Hilfiger name is such a staple in the fashion, that it’s quite often taken for granted. We grew up wearing Tommy, we saw our parents and peers wearings Tommy. It’s engraved in our memories.

As our human nature often fails us, we can get swiftly caught up with the new “it” trend or Swedish boutique and somehow overlook to embrace the powerhouse that is Tommy Hilfiger. It’s years of heritage and mega runway shows that list Tommy Hilfiger as one of the most influential and anticipated shows in the world. No expense is spared and attendees are always in for a surprise wether it’s a man-made beach in a warehouse, transforming Venice Beach into a cat walk, or a football stadium assembled just for the sake of fash-un.

Hence,why I was quite honored to be invited to the first ever show at London Fashion Week and – wait for it – to be dressed by Tommy as well! As I prepped for the show in London at their private suite,  I chose a look straight out of the archives. I’m sure you’ve noticed my penchant for vintage.

The show commenced with a Hadid family reunion, as Gigi, Bella and her brother were united for the first time on the catwalk (let’s not be remiss, Yolanda was also in the audience). The show, of course, was nothing less of spectacular as the hottest models stomped down the runway – full collection here. And it didn’t stop there.

The sold out #TommyNow initiative and Gigi Hadid’s collection was proceeded by the The Chainsmokers personal live performance for all of the attendees (some of whom included celebs, social media starts, and other international key players) to prove that Tommy Hilfiger is still prominent and evermore, leading the fashion industry into the ambiguous digital age. Marrying both concept of ‘shop now’ rather than waiting for next season, pop culture, and international dynamics, Tommy’s show was one of the books.


Dressed by Tommy Hilfiger 

Fendi Backpack via Bag Borrow or Steal 

Balenciaga boots

Hair & Makeup by Harrods Urban Retreat team

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Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in London (opening look)

Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Show, Ready to Wear Collection Spring Summer 2018 in London