Oxygen Facial @ Four Season Seattle Spa

Monday, February 8, 2016

On a Friday morning, during the chaos of fashion week prep and everything else, I decided to take a much needed break at the local Seattle Four Seasons. It’s actually one of our most beautiful hotels and has a view overlooking the puget sound. I always suggest my friends to book there when they visit because I love any excuse to hang out there.

This time I was lucky enough to be pampered by the Four Seasons Spa and try my very first Oxygen Facial followed by the most life changing deep tissue massage.

The facial was basically a cleanse, scrub, followed by this oxygen, hydration serum that is applied to the face via a spray. I took a look after half of my face was finished and I could notice that my black circles were less noticeable and my pores were smaller. As they day went on, my face became more firm and hydrated. It felt so good. Even my friend said my face was glowing that evening. Also, noticed that my skin didn’t need as much moisturizing that night.

I actually think of doing these Oxygen facials monthly – they are $250.

I was really happy with all the staff and their help, they had great customer service. Definitely coming back to the Four Seasons Seattle Spa!



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