I’m Moving + How to Decorate Your (1st) Home!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

But really.. I’ve lived with my parents my whole life. Granted I have my own wing, a walk-in closet, and free food, BUT REGARDLESS – It’s time to leave the nest. Not only to leave the nest, but basically down a few states and start a new chapter of my life.

It’s really exciting and terrifying for many reasons, but one of them is definitely home decor! Why? Because I never worried about this shit before. My mom is an interior designer so many of my decor choices were dictated (to say it nicely) by my mother.

I can’t even put a bouquet of flowers without her permission – joking ūüôā

SO, now that I got this super chic bungalow in the Hollywood Hills and all the space to make it my own, wtf do I do???

I have decided to go with a theme that follows much of my life – less is more. I follow it in all areas besides my love life. That is probably why I’m single. ANYWAY.

I assume you’ve come here because you’re bored and/or searching for decor answers/inspo to help make your life easier? YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE MY FRIEND. (I think my use of capital letters directly correlates with the amount of caffeine I’ve consumed, BTW it’s 2am)

First step in all of this: decide on the style you like.

Choosing a style helps make shopping easier and decorating a breeze. It’s like having the same style of clothing. It just makes sense and you can mix and match easily.

Here are some of my favorite styes that I’m leaning towards.


This is a look that hearkens back to the turn-of-the-century industrial era. It emphasizes liberal use of exposed steel with distressed wooden elements, frequently complemented by exposed brick walls. The modern variant commonly includes copper-tone accents. In terms of general feel, industrial decor is often rustic and mature.



An off-shoot of the mid-century modern movement, Scandinavian design introduced a popular minimalist look to the interior architecture field that lasts to this day. Although most people associate it with IKEA. Featuring gentle contours, playful accent colors, and a balance of engineered and organic materials, Scandinavian furniture are simple, contemporary, and functional.

Scandinavian-Design-3 Scandinavian-Design-4


Bohemian decor¬†captures the carefree and adventurous spirit¬†of the avant-garde¬†lifestyle. It features creative application of rich patterns and vibrant¬†colors, especially those with red or purple tones. The key is to carefully present a purposefully ‚Äúmessy‚ÄĚ look.¬†Layer on textiles (throws, pillows, rugs, tapestry) for a warm ambience.




Urban Modern

Urban interior design stems from the modern designer lofts in the major cities. Taking cues from its cosmopolitan environment, urban modern is a fusion of various opposing and complementary traits. Minimalist modern, glamorous chic, ethnic heirlooms, and edgy experimental designs all collide in a distinctively 21st-century setting.

Larger¬†furniture (sofas, beds, etc.) tends to be uniformly sleek with low-profile. Feel free to bring home trailblazing¬†modern furniture designs. Decorative accents¬†(pillows, mirrors, end tables,¬†etc.) in urban decor often demands artistic and creative expression¬†‚Äď add some elegant geometric designs, or vintage items with traditional embellishment.

Urban-Modern-2 Urban-Modern-3 Urban-Modern-7Urban-Modern-6

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