10 Secrets to Living with Extensions

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If you’ve envied my amazingly, long, luscious hair, don’t worry, it’s not real. As most of you know, I have been with Glen at 7 Salon (he’s now moved to Marco’s!) for the past couple years. He’s amazing and gets my blonde, style, aesthetic JUST right. He’s also my favorite therapist/friend/trusted friend. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent with him. He probably knows me better than most of my friends haha!

You can find Glen at Marco Two Union Square Salon in downtown Seattle. He’s good, trust me. He basically owns my hair.

Last September I decided to chop off my hair because I wanted a fresh start… my life was a hot mess and I was getting over a break up. So, like any girl, I ha to change my hair. However, a month later I realized that I missed my long hair. Not only did I miss my long hair, I wanted MORE of it. Longer, thicker, blonder.

We ended up ordering 6 packs ( most people do 3 packs) of blonde, swedish hair that took 5 hours (from start to finish) to put in. Glen did beaded extensions, which means that they don’t harm or rip your hair when taken off and never come off. That’s right. I have to live with this full hair of hair, every single day. The hair is beautiful, shiny, and so photogenic. It just makes me feel beautiful.

It’s now been about 5 months since I’ve committed to the extension lifestyle. Let me tell you, I had no idea that it would be a LIFESTYLE. I have not washed/styled my own hair in months. I did it once and I will never do it again. My patience is very low.

I’ve had a lot of good and bad experiences that I plan to further talk about on my YouTube channel because there is just SO much.

But here is some of my advice that I wish to dispense:

  1. Don’t use alcohol based products on your extensions, it ruins the hair

  2. Brush your hair 2-3 times a day.

  3. Use coconut oil/deep conditioner on the ends every night

  4. Don’t wash it more than twice a week

  5. Sleep in a braid

  6. Use soft rubber bands to not damage the hair

  7. Tell your stylist to brush your hair before washing it, it can get super tangled!

  8. Use baby powder on your roots when your hair is getting oily to extend the blow out

  9. Use brushes with soft bristles to not damage the hair

  10. And finally, only book blowouts with stylists who know how to take care of extensions. It’s much different than normal hair and you don’t want to leave the salon with a huge knot in your hair because someone couldn’t do their job…



One Response to “10 Secrets to Living with Extensions”

  1. Gamu says:

    I’ve really been considered getting extensions and I up all night,last night googling for tips on how to care extentions. This has been very helpful…THANK YOU

    ALTHOUGH I still do need research because 🙄African American hair.