Food Log 11/3-11/10

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Sorry for the lack of posts, but I had a minor bump in life and had not been eating or drinking as I should haha! Again.


Eating schedule:

Breakfast: 9am-11am, Lunch 12-2pm, Snack 3-4pm, Dinner 5-7pm. No food after 7:30pm.

Here are my meals for the last week! This time I’m doing a mixture with some good food and moderation.

Tuesday, November 3rd. 

Breakfast: Eggs with a side of avocado

Lunch: I had 3 eggs with avocado again because I was super lazy

Snack: A side of mushroom soup (gf, no sodium, sugar, etc)

Dinner: Avocado with a few crackers and meatballs

(I know i was totally feeling avo that day)

Wednesday, November 4th

Breakfast: Russian cabbage rolls that have meat and a little rice in them. IT’S MY FAVORITE RUSSIAN DISH I CAN’T RESIST OKAY.

Lunch: Went out to a teriyaki place but grabbed salad with grilled chicken sans teriyaki sauce. So easy on the go!

Snack: Accidentally skipped due to meetings

Dinner: Homemade grilled chicken with a salad with avocado and cucumbers

Thursday, November 5th

Breakfast: Grilled chicken breast with grilled mushrooms

Lunch: Grabbed a random wrap at school, I think it was Caesar

Snack: Carrots

Dinner: Went out to drinks and dinner – ahi tuna taco, a few sushi pieces, 4 glasses of wine. Fun night 🙂

Friday, November 6th

Breakfast: Russian potato/meat salad, it’s horrible for you but if you can’t tell I LOVE russian food.

Lunch: Nordstrom salad – Shrimp and arugula

Snack: Coffee

Dinner: Went to a Brazilian steakhouse so I had 3 glasses of white wine + a filet mignon and asparagus.

Saturday, November 7th

Breakfast: Slept through it LOL

Lunch: Omelet with mushrooms and green peppers

Snack: Ahi tuna poke

Dinner: 4 Sushi rolls + 2 mimosas since I went to a party! I also may have had half a burger and fries at 4am.

Sunday, November 8th

Breakfast: 3 white chocolate chip cookies

Lunch: Grabbed a sashimi tuna salad at a restaurant, no dressing!

Snack: chips and avocado dip

Dinner: We had taco night at my girlfriends house so we made homemade tacos with grilled chicken, peppers, corn and cheese! YUM,

Monday, November 9th

Breakfast: 4oz of grilled salmon with zucchini

Lunch: Caesar at Nordstrom, dressing on the side and no croutons

Snack: Black chocolate

Dinner: Brie cheese and salami + green smoothie. Don’t ask.

Tuesday, November 10th

Breakfast: 2 eggs sunny side up 🙂

Lunch: I was in class and was just not feeling getting food so I had coffee, sue me.

Snack: carrots

Dinner: Sushi! I even loaded on the carbs with a salmon and eel roll. Ahi tuna poke + creamy scallops due to my lack of missing lunch. HORRIBLE.