Dr Martens Pop-in @ Nordstrom

Friday, September 25, 2015

What are you doing this Friday? Obviously, coming to hang out with me at the Dr Martens Pop-in @ Nordstrom on the 3rd floor!

Recently, my style has been transforming to a more grungy, white tee and denim type of look. The less is more approach is really appealing to me with my ever changing, hectic lifestyle.

With this change, and recently becoming an urban girl as I moved to downtown Seattle, I have been obsessing over all types of boots, including the famous Dr Martens!  Nothing beats a comfy, stylish boot in the city.

I’m really excited to be hanging out at the Dr Martens Pop-in @ Nordstrom because 1. it’s home base, 2. I LOVE the pop-in’s, they are all so unique, and 3. You can get a CUSTOMIZED pair of shoes by Mark Wigan!

If you don’t know, Mark Wigan is an English born contemporary visual artist recognized internationally as an influential illustrator and a pioneer of urban art in London, New York and Tokyo during the 1980s. His current project is a collaboration with Dr Martens, a collection of boots, shoes, t shirts, and backpacks for Autumn/ Winter 2015 featuring prints of his artwork. The Dr Martens boots I’m wearing are part of his collection. 🙂

Shop the boots here: White boots + Adventure Time Marceline Boot 
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