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Thursday, October 1, 2015

It’s no secret that blondes have more fun, but it’s also no secret that blondes have more frizz.. and damage.. and split ends. I would like to think that I take extremely good care of my hair, but the constant dying and heat barely gives my hair a chance to recover.

Since I’m in Paris writing this post, I was inspired by the Parisian way of life, or way of beauty. I was speaking to a gal I met today near the Eiffel Tower about her shiny locks.

“What’s the secret to your great hair?”

She replied,

“I only wash my hair 1 or twice a week. It’s all about the right shampoo.” 


So, have Parisian girls found the secret? I imagine that the less you wash your hair the less time is spent blowdrying, curling, etc, giving your hair a chance to strengthen and grow, but the right shampoo?

I’ve spent over a year looking for a shampoo that fits my hair type with no luck until I tried out the new Nexxus Oil Infinite line.


I gave this Nexxus set a shot – the Nexxus shampoo, conditioner, and my favorite, the Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil.

The results? My hair is left light, clean, and definitely not dull. I have fine, blonde hair that gets frizzy right after I get out of the shower and it does help bring down the frizz.


The Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oil especially, helps with my dull split ends. It is specifically formulated using concentrated, 100% pure Elastin Protein and natural Babassu and Marula Oils, the Oil Infinite regimen works to renew hair texture and restore smooth, sleek, fluid beauty – not to mention it smells amazing.


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This post was sponsored but my opinion is, as always, my own.