DEAR Julia

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Dear Julia,

Don’t be afraid to write this. Don’t be afraid of what people think of you. Don’t be afraid of what you think of yourself. Don’t be afraid to give into what you want and what you don’t want. Don’t let people and men use you. Don’t let people treat you like you’re nothing. And most importantly, don’t think that it doesn’t get better.

You’re not alone. You have family and friends around you that you just need to embrace. You have so many supporters and people that love you, you just need to turn around and stop being selfish. All these people have always been here – supporting, loving, and helping. Why do you just brush them off? Don’t.

Don’t worry about your nose or your fat, chances are you won’t even remember it in a few years. Stop worrying about if you’re successful or not. Bags and shoes and cars and men don’t define your success. Success comes from being happy with who YOU are and what you have accomplished. You will never be like anyone else. You just be the best version of yourself, every single day.

Go to church. Don’t stop going when times get good or bad. It’s all part of the plan, you just need to trust your path.

Don’t sacrifice yourself for money. Money will never make you happy. Sure, it’ll be comfortable and fun to flaunt what you own but you know deep down it’s not what you care about. Stop being materialistic and see what people around you need. Why do you keep taking and never giving back? Don’t you see that people need your help? Why do you let them down? You’ve lost so much because of it.

Don’t marry rich. Don’t marry poor. Marry someone who you love spending time with, who is your best friend, who you believe in and who believes in you. And don’t ever hurt them.

Don’t cheat, lie, manipulate, play games, talk to other men in a relationship and don’t think that those people will stay with you even if you treat them that way.

They won’t. But it’s okay because it will get better and you’ll be happy again.

You’ll get stronger in your relationship with yourself and with every passing day you’ll be a better person because of it. You will thank them later. People come into your life to teach you a lesson, and even though it might be a bad one at the time, you still haven’t failed. You just learned how to be better for next time. Next time you’ll treat them right. You won’t give up and they won’t give up on you, because if they do, they aren’t supposed to be in your life.

Share, give, love. Care about people.

You’ll feel much better, and trust me, you’ll slowly start opening your heart in ways you never imagined. You’ll have weird feelings of love and joy from small moments with friends while your handbags will start to take less priority.

Dear Julia, I wish someone would have told you this before you had an eating disorder or hated yourself, or even before you were a horrible person to friends and to the person who loved you. But no one could – you were not ready for it.

But now I am and I know that something great will happen.

The view looks great from here.





4 Responses to “DEAR Julia”

  1. Dinorah Villarreal says:


  2. Mo says:

    This is awesome. I’m proud of you! Even though we aren’t friends anymore I just wanted to tell you that because hearing it never hurts. Wish everyone could talk to themselves and have these kinds of realizations. Wish I could. Keep it up and the good will keep comingπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  3. Stephiereta says:

    Such a great letter to yourself! All very good advice for now and always !