Cut the Calories Without Ever Being Hungry

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hi Everyone! I am so excited to be contributing to Society Grl. Since this is my first piece, I wanted to cover the forever asked questions about calories, hunger, and weight loss. This piece is a bit general, but thought it would be a great starting place before getting feedback, questions, and demands from all of you! Enjoy, and know I am always available for

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Cut the Calories Without Ever Being Hungry

When it comes to weight loss, its simple. You need to burn more calories than you take in. Okay, maybes it’s not SO simple, because it is easier to Netflix and Chill than it is to cook up a “macrobiotic plate ” and get to that 6 am hot yoga class. As a busy dietitian, I hear this loud and clear. We are all, living fast-paced stressful lives, and are lucky if we get a lunch break, let alone enough time to make to the grocery store, prepare the food, and then have enough food to actually cook and eat it.

Oftentimes clients come to me expecting to hate me. They think I will be the cause of extreme hunger in their lives. They walk in the door like they already know what I have to say. I surprise them when I show them how much food they get to eat, and enjoy, all while losing or managing their weight. The key to weight loss and good health is not to be hungry and unhappy, but rather to make healthy choices that are nutrient dense. My goal is to repair your relationship with food, and let you use it as a tool to empower you, instead of disable you.

Here are some easy tips to cut those calories, while still feeling satiated!

1. Give up the beverages: If it’s not water, drop it. And that includes diet sodas too which can can

contribute to weight gain (and other deleterious health effects) despite being zero calories. Most people neglect to count the calories they consume in drinks, but those calories certainly do add up and can be the culprit to those few pounds that just wont budge! Even if the calories are coming from “healthy” beverages like juices, they are unnecessary calories that you can get through food (which will have a much more nourishing and satisfying effect).

2. Avoid skipping meals: People who want to lose weight should avoid skipping meals. The result of this type of behavior is overeating later in the day.

When we eat too much at one time, our bodies have a harder time mobilizing the fuel from the food, and end up storing it as fat!Yuck!

3. Eat Filling Foods: Duh, right? Well actually not. Many people assume that foods like potato chips and

candy will help them fuel them through the day and keep them from gnawing off their arm. FALSE!! These foods have addicting properties, and little to no nutritional benefit. Stick to the real stuff, preferably with fiber, like fruits, vegetables, and even bean dips or guacamole.

4. Eat Mindfully: What does this even mean?!

Well, eating mindfully means eating with awareness- savoring the flavors and monitoring your satiety cues. While this seems easy, its one of the biggest obstacles in our society. As humans, we are emotional, and as Americans, we have been raised to believe that “more is better.” Therefore, few of us were taught the skills to eat mindfully. One good trick to avoid mindless easy to it avoid multitasking. When you sit down with any meal or snack, be sure not to multitask, watch television, or even play on your phone.

XX, Lisa