Creatures of Comfort SS16 RTW

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This was the most rainy and cold day of my whole fashion week career, but I wasn’t going to let a little rain stop me. I am from Seattle after all??!

But seriously, the whole thing about being from Seattle and knowing how to handle “rain” is a load of sh*t because a) it seriously only rains in the winter 2) I drive a car and never walk outside and 3) we do this thing where we run out of the store into a car and vise versa. I seriously don’t even own an umbrella, a rain coat, OR rain boots.

So, with this in mind, I decided Uber here LOL. This wasn’t at the normal location, The HQ or the old post office, it was a little hidden room where only a 100 or so bloggers gathered round.


You know a show is V exclusive when there are only two rows compared to the usually 12. So, as I arrived, I was like, how the %$#* did I even get into this show?! (More to come on this topic later) but never mind, I arrived about 25 minutes late. The LEGO clutch was so appropriate at this point in my life. I was praying that the one show I was late to, would actually be late.

But the fashion world proves once again being on time is not their strong point. I was, to my surprise, delighted to get a front row seat. Yay! My first front row seat of the season. I was directly across Always Judging and other bloggers who (think they are famous) or are famous, I’m not sure, but I don’t have enough time to stalk and learn the names of all these bloggers and influencers. With some glares and mean mugs from across the room, the show began.


My favorite looks from the collection.

I really loved it. The easy flow of it calms my aura. I need more of that in my life. Easy, but bold, definitely bold, with the statement of layering and color blocking as seen in the first image. The oversized silhouettes and different proportions made the collection modern and edgy but flow cohesively together. Almost all the pieces could blend together to create different outfits.  I particular love the all red look. As Daisy Buchanan put it – “you look so cool.”

creatures-of-comfort-ss16-blue-graphic-pants creatures-of-comfort-ss16-denim- creatures-of-comfort-ss16-denim creatures-of-comfort-ss16-graphic-crop-top creatures-of-comfort-ss16-graphic-dress creatures-of-comfort-ss16-graphic-print-crop-top-and-pants creatures-of-comfort-ss16-off-the-shoulder-dress creatures-of-comfort-ss16-white-look

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 Walking back from the show I was also featured on Refinery29 in the “Most Authentically Inspiring Outfits of NYFW” 🙂