Christian Siriano SS16 RTW

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Christian Siriano was one of my very first off-site shows, ever. It holds a special place in my heart, mostly because I would wear gowns everyday if I could. The contemporary, “don’t try too hard” vibe of New York is great, but it’s really out of my element. My “fancy” European roots just crave chiffon, long hemlines, volume. I look forward to his collection each season because no matter what the trends, Siriano maintains his own personal suave. I first fell in love with this work on Project Runway, especially when I found out he is from Seattle. I guess, I can say Siriano inspired me, because really how many great fashion icons do you know from Seattle? Exactly.

Walking into the show,lines of people were  waiting to get in, while the rest of the crowd headed into the venue. There were only 5 rows on 3 sides of the room. When I’m telling that the shows cut back on the 900+ person seating, I’m not kidding. Naturally, I felt a little happy that I was included among the invited,even though I got last row. Fashion tends to make you feel like you’re nothing but a seat number, and sure, at the time, it sucks. Who wouldn’t want to sit front row? But then exiting the show you realize how lucky you are even to be invited. I’ll get there one day.

The guest list included Christina Hendricks and Orange Is the New Black star Laura Prepon who might be wearing his next designs, and Jay from America’s Next Top Model – he’s always been my favorite. Laura “Alex” Prepon also walked past me so we shared a moment. 😉

Siriano’s collection was inspired by Morocco with white, blush, and neutral tones held through out the collection. Dresses, tunics, and white leg pants were mixed in with pom-pom’s, fringe, and sheer eye masks. The couture collection held it’s cohesive  vibe until 4 models dressed in eye popping satin strains closed the show. Gorgeous! 

Another cool note: I met a write from Refinery29 and I mentioned to him that they had featured me on their street style page from the first day, but you could barely see my face in the photo. Immediately I showed him the photo I was referring to. He smiled and told me that I had inspired his whole look that day. He was wearing a denim jean jacket with a denim button up and denim jeans. It was a pretty awesome moment 🙂


Christian Siriano SS16 Ready-To-Wear

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