Beauty: My Pre-Travel Ritual for Glowing Skin

Friday, September 9, 2016

I know how much havoc traveling can have on my complexion.

The drying effects of a long flight can cause plenty of turbulence on my t-zone. The change in weather, water, air quality and sun exposure can stress out my skin, too. Since technology has yet to come up with an in-real-life retouch app, I do whatever I can to keep my skin happy and healthy.
I have an exciting travel schedule this month to London and Paris for Fashion Week in both cities. As giddy as I am to plan what outfits to pack, I know first and foremost I’ve got to take care of my skin.

The best accessory to any outfit is a clear complexion.

Luckily I received some great advice from the queen of gorgeous skin, Angela Nice of Nice Skin Beverly Hills. Angela’s clients are some of the most famously beautiful faces in fashion and entertainment. Whatever advice she’s giving them, I want to know (and share!)
Angela’s suggested skincare regimen begins five days before take off.
5 days prior: Angela recommends a professional facial to deeply clean and exfoliate your pores. She also usually suggests dermal plane treatment depending on your skin type and condition. A great facial creates a fresh foundation for products to work much better when used at home.
4, 3, 2, 1 days prior: The days post facial should be considered a recovery phase for your skin. Follow a basic 3-step routine, twice daily: cleanse, tone and hydrate. Use products that are gentle and non-stimulating to help your skin refresh.
Night before: Apply a hydrating mask, ideally one with hyaluronic acid and/or shea butter. This could be a cloth mask infused with hyaluronic acid, a thick cream, or a soothing gel.
Go to bed that night with a few dabs of oil, either directly on the skin or into your moisturizer. The Blue Oil has eleven essential oils formulated to heal, soothe, protect, and nourish.
Travel day: Follow your regular 3-step routine and carry-on a sample size of your moisturizer cream on the plane. I was surprised when Angela said it’s okay to wear make-up to the airport. She suggests bringing moist cleansing cloths to remove the make-up after take off (this is for longer flights) and reapply upon arrival. The cream should be reapplied throughout the flight to keep your skin supple. The tip Angela stressed the most = hydrate. She says to buy the biggest bottle of water they have at the airport to drink on the plane. The constant bathroom trips will be worth the beautiful complexion!
Safe and happy travels!