Are you a date-aholic?

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Going on dates is a normal thing at any age–as long as you’re single.  We all go through it.  It’s not a bad thing.  But is there such a thing as going on too many dates?

Now, let’s pretend that what I’m writing about isn’t about me, but about a hypothetical girl named Alice. Sure. Alice is newly single and hasn’t been on the market for a few years. Alice got super hot and skinny and successful while she was in that relationship. Now that the base line is set here, let’s proceed to the part where she becomes fresh meat on the market.

They say when it rains, it pours men. It’s like all these men notice that Alice is newly single and start swarming around her like piranhas. THEY SMELL IT.

So, now Alice has a date lined up each day of the week. What does Alice do? Go out? Say no? WHAT DOES SHE WEAR?

If you’re like my friend Alice, these questions are relatively confusing, especially being fresh out of a relationship. Remember, men haven’t changed…you did.

Here are my Alice’s pro tips on how not to be a successful date-aholic, because, after all, the objective of going on dates is to find someone you want to be with.

1. Set boundaries. Know what you’re willing to do and what you’re not. Yes, it might seem easy, but a lot can happen in 2-3 wine glasses.

2. Refer to #1 about the wine glasses. Set a drink limit. No one likes a sloppy date.

3. Don’t let men (or women) take advantage of you. Stand your ground and know your worth.

4. A tight skirt can only go so far. Bring your A game. Being smart IS attractive.

5. Don’t talk too much about yourself. I know, it’s hard.

6. Make room for you time. Getting booked on different dates can be very time consuming and some necessary meni/pedi time is crucial.

7. Dating is healthy. Texting him goodnight and good morning every single day isn’t.

8. Don’t call the guy by the wrong name.

9. Maintain your girl time.

10. And, most importantly, just because you’re going on dates doesn’t mean you should be dependent on any man. Ever. (Dads are the exception).


One Response to “Are you a date-aholic?”

  1. Marlene says:

    “Going on dates is a normal thing at any age–as long as you’re single.”

    Um, no. Married people go on dates. Couples who aren’t married go on dates. Lots of people go on dates. “Dating” may be the word you are looking for.