3 Essential Products for Braids

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Braids were seen all over the runways and have finally made their way over to our summer style! This summer a braid has been one of my go-to styles, especially while being active.. and any other time I’m too lazy to do my hair.

The worst part about having a braid is when it’s lose or frizzy – right? Here are my favorites for keeping a braid throughout the day.

Aethiopia Hydrate & Twist Butter

This luxurious hair butter is designed to moisturize dry, coily hair while providing a soft, natural hold for styling. Use this semi-firm butter to soften and maintain twists, braids, and loose hair and deliver a smooth hold for twist-outs and braid-outs.

Down & Out Dirt Spray 

This aerosol spray takes your hair from squeaky clean to a healthy, lived-in look immediately. It adds texture to the hair, as well as a healthy dose of coconut oil and shine to give instant separation, control, and that perfect three-day old hair look, while zeolite adds slight texture and absorbs odors. Work this spray throughout hair for that must-have, it-girl style.

Twist Mist Lightweight Shine

A sheen spray that does more than merely add shine, Twist Mist also penetrates the cuticle to provide deep, long-lasting softness. Therapeutic essential oils enhance the already-indulgent experience by cleansing the hair of excess oil, bacteria, and build-up. Evening primrose, squalane, and jojoba oils add suppleness and emollience to dry hair by mimicking the scalp’s natural oils. This formula leaves the hair smooth and lustrous—without a heavy, oily feeling.

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