10 Ways to Control Sugar Cravings

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I am not exaggerating that I am obsessed with sugar. I can cut out salt, dairy, carbs, alcohol cold-trukey without a problem. However, when it comes to sugar I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without any real food. Of course, I feel shitty after, so I try my hardest to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Over the years, I’ve come up with some tricks on how to manage my sugar cravings.

1. Tik Taks – they are the best sugar craving for me. I eat a few when it’s late or when I’m on a really strict diet.

2. Water – I drink a glass of water prior to any meal, but when I feel some extreme cravings coming in I overload on the water

3. Tea – with no sugar added, tea is my favorite go-to during late nights. It really helps me not eat late at nights because it’s literally the worst for you!!

4. A teaspoon of honey – works wonders!

5. Kombucha – a green kombucha has saved me more times than I can imagine. It fills me up and has a different taste to it that usually kills my craving for something sugary.

6. My “one” rule – If I have been doing good on my diet for a week or when I feel like I need to be rewarded for being fabulous I let myself have “one” of something, maybe a cookie or a small piece of cake. It just depends on the situation.

7. Coffee Рblack coffee is a good appetite suppressant

8. Fruit – I try to stay away from fruit because it has natural sugars and I can get the same nutrients from vegetables, but I will occasionally allow myself to have strawberries, oranges, or an apple early in the day.

9. Tik taks!

10. And finally, if it’s late and I have sugar cravings I take sleeping pills, I use melatonin, (which I take on occasion because I have a lot of trouble sleeping) . Logically, I know that I’m just bored and will end up making some bad decisions super late at night. Chances of me wanting the same thing the next morning are very low. It works like a charm!


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  1. Tinsley says:

    Love it but I wish you had next “next” blog post button to scroll through… That or include the titles on your main pages (where it’s all pictures.) Its a pain to have to click back and then click on the picture just to find out you’re not as interested in the particular post! Love posts like these though!